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Trignon Health Inc. is a young company (we were founded in 2009) that is focused on delivering valuable solutions only to Behavioral Health practitioners. Our focus on Behavioral Health has allowed us to create solutions that are best suited to the work flows and information needs of Behavioral Health Practices of all sizes. Trignon is based in Atlanta, GA with an office in Baltimore, MD. Trignon currently has a handful of Practices of varying sizes that are using our solution platform. We will be happy to provide you a reference to talk to some of our users.

We have used the latest technologies to develop our cutting-edge software which is delivered over the cloud in a secure and reliable manner. It is composed of an EMR module that provides various Behavioral Health specific templates for clinical note taking, a comprehensive patient scheduling and calendar management solution; a reporting solution and a billing solution.We use robust infrastructure provided by reliable infrastructure providers to ensure system performance and availability that is measured against agreed upon service levels.

Trignon is actively involved in defining data standards and common formats for information exchange within Behavioral Health. We are incorporating a number of these standards in to our platform including standard methods of sharing clinical information and enabling multiple practitioners to collaborate with each other around the care of a patient.