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Simplify patient visits with mental health-specific templates for faster, more comprehensive documentation, storage and retrieval of detailed patient data.



As a busy practitioner, managing your day can be a time consumig task. The Dashboard makes managing the most common tasks effortless by serving as the spring board to your day and the gateway to myCareWeb. The Dashboard displays key information and features conveniently located on a single landing page, minimizing clicks and delivering quick access to all aspects of your Practice.

Clinical Documentation

myCareWeb comes pre-built with a number of behavioral health-specific templates for clinical data capture resulting in faster, more comprehensive clinical documentation, storage, and retrieval of detailed patient records. These forms can be customized with the addition of common templates, selection of default values, etc. Within a clinical form, a practitioner can access the complete DSMIV-TR diagnosis coding structure in order to complete their assessment. Additionally, users can create their own custom clinical templates on the fly by stringing together different clinical observation sections.

Assessment Tools

Maintain a library of mental health assessment tools, and forward tools to patients to complete self-assessments as required. Compile assessment scores and incorporate in to clinical documentation.

Work-flow for Providers and Patients

Enhance work-flow with a paperless office. With myCareWeb, sharing clinical documentation and collaborating with other Providers as well as with the patient is streamlined. No more paper charts and documents, faxes, etc. All information flows securely within the EMR and all information access is tracked and logged for audit purposes.

Efficiency Tools

  • Document Management : Eliminate the need for cumbersome paper-record storage and management. Simply scan and organize patient files and records into a user-friendly, easily accessible digital document file cabinet. myCareWeb automatically backs-up copies of clinical documentation and links them to patients or specific interactions, while other documents can be scanned and stored by the user.
  • Document Management drastically reduces document printing and storage costs, and offers secure remote access to clinical documentation within the EMR and across multiple offices.