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Behavioral Health providers are being challenged to embrace a variety of technologies in order to be effective participants in the networked Behavioral Health community of the future. At Trignon Health, we realize that this introduction of technology has to be done with an eye to the broader goal of enabling providers to effectively deliver care to achieve better outcomes, and to maximize the productivity of the Practice. To that end, technology has to go beyond just capturing clinical notes. It is about enabling ways of delivering care that allow the provider to focus on time spent with the patient, rather than on time spent on administrative tasks.

With myCareWeb, Behavioral Health providers are able to truly take advantage of all the information stored within their EMRs and Practice Management systems, to change how they interact with patients and their colleagues. With myCareWeb, the Behavioral Health practitioner is able to extend his/her reach and thereby the effectiveness of the care they deliver well beyond the confines of their office, by collaborating electronically with other users of myCareWeb, other medical professionals, and other care givers that make up the patient's care team.