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Enhance workflow with a paperless office. Gain better communications and greater efficiency, maximize claims reimbursement, and deliver better patient care.



Manage the Practice's appointment calendar and schedule appointments in an easy and efficient manner. Keep track of appointments with color-coded appointment stages. Optimize each practitioner’s calendar with well-thought of features to create, copy and move appointments as needed.

Billing and Revenue Management

myCareWeb automatically generates a billing transaction when an interaction has been completed or other fee-based administrative task is completed. These billing transactions are used to generate patient invoices or CMS 1500 claim forms or may be directed to a clearinghouse for submission as an electronic claim for reimbursement. The software also supports the capture of payment receipts against a patient liability balance.

Insurance and Authorization

Improve overall revenue with accelerated reimbursement, decreased denials and increased patient flow. Keep track of each patient's insurance policy details and capture all pre-authorizations for service. myCareWeb automatically keeps track of authorized visits and alerts users when available authorized visits are running low.

Patient Registration

A patient portal enables patients to maintain relevant personal health details and to communicate with providers on their care team.

Messaging and Alerts

Enable providers and staff to easily and securely track, categorize, manage, and archive electronic intra-office communications. Allow users to securely communicate with each other, attach patient records to messages, and receive and respond to automated system alerts.

Ability to Customize

myCareWeb's EMR is customizable at the Practice level as well as at the Provider level. A Practice can define customizable behavioral-health templates for use across the Practice. Work-flows can be customized to suit the unique needs of a behavioral-health Practice. A Provider can customize their work schedule as an example of customization at the Provider level. Providers are assigned a role and the Practice Administrator has the ability to define the access profile and rights of each role that is defined for the Practice.